Donors & Embryos

SEK genetics is proud to be the home of several industry leading donors. Our services include donor collection, housing, embryo collection and storage, and veterinarian services throughout the entire process, including our own in-house ultrasound. These females are some of our featured donors. We also offer embryos for sale, which can be sold in the tank or combined with a CVR cow as a confirmed pregnancy. Embryo prices start at $300. Please contact us for more information.

CURRENT EMBRYOS FOR SALE — Contact Don at 1-800-443-6389 for pricing and additional information.



Miss Meyers Hope 015

Irish Whiskey, Full Flush, GCC Whizard


Monopoly, Heat Wave, Bojo, Smilin Bob

Miss Kansas Whiskey 407

Meyers 734, Monopoly, Solid Gold


Hardcore, Sooner, Friction, Combustible, Irish Whiskey

Miss Ready Lifeline “Izzy”

Limited Edition, Mr. Driven, I-80, No Worries

Miss Steel Whiskey “Baby”

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Miss CVR Diva

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Y1 Blushing Black 152X

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CVR School Girl

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CVR Miss Emulous 2160 “Penny”

Spur Emulous Master

MC R Elvira 1202P

Man Among Boys, I Believe

Rocky Hills Mary Clones

Heat Wave

Collins Grizz 950 Clones

Meyers 734 (Auction Only), GF Kadabra, Spur Emulous Master

Phylli Clone

BK Lifeline, Carpe Diem, Mr. Driven, Monopoly

Red Soo Line Ms Dynamo 9448

Yellow Jacket, Mision Nexus, Detour

Miss Mainely Meyer 902-1

Solid Gold, Man Among Boys, Johnny Football, I Believe

Miss Hoping for Whiskey 15A

Man Among Boys


Irish Whiskey, Maternal Perfection, Italian Stallion, Hi Ho Silver


Red soo line ms dynamo 9448
Registration Number: 1339020
Date of birth: March 12, 2009
Sire: Red Soo MR H0904 6041 (Canadian Registration Number: 1362370)
Dam: Red Six Mile MS Dynamo 574R (Canadian Registration Number: 1283104)

“Soo” is a true power cow.  As part of the Jason Sheetz-Christy Collins show string as a heifer, she was shown at the 2010 National Western Stock Show.  She is moderately framed, truly huge volumed, and thickly made.  She is structurally correct, free moving, and has a well attached and suspended udder with small, well placed teets.  Soo has outcross genetics to most  of the US Red Angus cow herd and brings to the industry style, volume, and real power.  We plan to create efficient, productive, profitable offspring with club calf and Angus sires.  We would like to thank Curt Soehner of Colorado for letting us add her to our herd.

Miss Mainley Meyer 902
½ Simmental, ¼ Angus, ¼ Maine
Registration Number: 2734865
Date of birth: January 16, 2010
Sire: Meyer Ranch 734 (SM Registration Number:1390632)
Dam: 902

Miss Mainley Meyer is a blazed faced, half-blood Meyer cow with a very bold sprung rib, a clean front, and a very patient temperament. Like her sister, Miss CVR Diva, she is a big hipped, moderately framed, and high volume cow that shows the power and style that has made Meyer females famous. The 902 dam was a cow purchased from C.A. Collins during an Oklahoma drought.

Miss Meyers Hope 015
½ Simmental ¼ Maine
Registration Number: ASA2672237 • AMAA431932
Date of Birth: April 3, 2009
Sire: Meyer Ranch 734
Dam: Greer Good Hope X7
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Like her sister CVR #3, CVR #15 is an F1 Simmental x Angus cross, sired by Meyers Ranch 734, out of a purebred Angus cow that was reported to be a full sib to the Angus bull Sedgwick’s Rebar. CVR #15 is a moderate framed, correct, easy moving, high volume young cow that shows very good thickness. This cow has been flushed to the old Angus bull Spur Emulous Master, Reg# 6357616, as well as to Irish Whiskey.

Dcvr g21p
Registration Number: 349157
Date of Birth: March 22, 2004
Sire: Full Flush
Dam: SEK G21

CVR G21P is a Chi-registered cow that is a Full Flush daughter out of a Meyer’s Ranch 734 cow (this cow is bred like Friction). CVR G21P is a big, powerful, heavily muscled, clean throated, flat shouldered cow that has produced excellent steers. She has worked very well with Heat Wave and related bulls.

Miss Kansas Whiskey 407
3/8 Maine
Registration Number: 43566
Date of Birth: April 5, 2007
Sire: Irish Whiskey

Miss Kansas Whiskey 407 best combines muscle and balance in a complete package.  She is a moderately framed, free moving, clean fronted, naturally thick cow with a feminine, refined face.  The odds will be in her favor when breeding for show heifer and steer prospects. 

Miss ready lifeline 123w “Izzy”
¾ Maine
Registration Number: 429139
Date of Birth: March 6, 2009
Sire: BK Lifeline 258J
Dam: NTC 615 Ever Ready

Miss Ready Lifeline 123W is a very neatly put together cow. She is strong in her quarter, smooth through her shoulder, pulled down in her flank, and big bodied. Izzy has fabulous hair that covers her thick, flashy frame. She is a maternal sibling to Miss Steel Whiskey. Izzy has been flushed to I-80, Limited Edition, and Mr. Driven as well as others.

miss steel whiskey “baby”
½ Simmental, ¼ Maine
Registration Number: ASA2672234 • AMAA431932
Date of Birth: April 3, 2009
Sire: SVF Steel Force S701
Dam: NTC 615 Ever Ready
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Miss Steel Whiskey is an enormously thick, very moderate, powerhouse that combines the genetics of Irish Whiskey’s dam with the purebred Simmental Steel Force. She travels well, has more than adequate bone and muscle, good hair, and a clean neck. Her best feature may be her calm, docile nature which makes her the total package. Everyone who sees her becomes a fan and embryos sell faster than we can make them.

miss cvr Diva
½ Simmental, ½ Angus
Registration Number: 2689829
Date of Birth: April 1, 2009
Sire: Meyer Ranch 734
Dam: GCC Miss Emulous Anchor 702S
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Miss CVR Diva is an elegantly blazed faced, bold sprung, clean fronted cow that is pulled down in her flank. She is big hipped, high volume, and moderately framed which shows the power and style that makes 734 females famous. She is the daughter of the triple bred OCC Anchor cow Miss Emulous Anchor.

y1 blushing black x152
PB Angus
Registration Number: 16723509
Date of Birth: March 16, 2010
Sire: Yardley Doc Skipper T361
Dam: Miss Yardley S46
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Blush is a deep bodied, moderately framed cow purchased as a calf from our good friend Gib Yardley. She has wonderful hair, muscle, and bone and has developed into the kind of cow Gib is known for: practical, showy, rugged and a great addition to SEK’s program. This young cow is fertile and productive, having made really nice calves, and averaged 10 embryos on her first three flushes.

CVR school girl 2168
PB Angus
Registration Number: 16160873
Date of Birth: February 10, 2008
Sire: GCC Old School 4709
Dam: GCC Miss Emulous Anchor 702S

CVR School Girl is a very deep bodied, smooth shouldered, clean tracking cow with a well supported, well attached udder and well placed teats. She is a registered, purebred Angus sired by GCC Old School and out of the impressive GCC Emulous Anchor.

CVR Miss emulous 2160 “penny”
PB Angus
Registration Number: 16889596
Date of Birth: October 11, 2010
Sire: SAV Net Worth 4200
Dam: GCC Miss Emulous Anchor 702S

Penny is a very attractive, deep bodied, compact angus with wonderful hair and well supported, well placed udder. She is a half sibling to School Girl. Penny is a doll to work with and show. She is a wonderful mother and raises superb calves.

GCC Miss Emulous Anchor 702S
PB Angus
Registration Number: 15881262
Date of Birth: January 26, 2006
Sire: DCC 814G Trailblazer 400
Dam: GCC Miss Anchor 93105
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GCC Miss Emulous Anchor 702S (CVR 216) is a triple bred OCC Anchor 771A. A moderate framed, high volume, heavily muscled, and good boned cow with a well attached udder, featuring small teats that are well placed. She is producing a great set of 734 daughters.

MC R Elvira 1202 P
Registration Number: EF1151451
Date of Birth: January 6, 2012
Sire: TR Mr. Firewater 5792RET
Dam: Baldridge Elvira 162J

Elvira is a wide hipped, beautifully balanced, clean tracking, heavy boned, young cow. Her good nature is symbolic of the Larry McNickle Charlais Ranch Elvira bloodline. She calves easily and has a well attached udder with plenty of milk in her bloodline.

Rocky hills mary clone “Jezebell”

Jezebell and her sister, Annabell are clones of the Rocky Hills Mary cow, the highest selling purebred female in the history of the Simmental breed at that time who sold for $150,000 to Bobby Price. This cow has already produced the 2007 Ohio State Fair Champion Steer, the 2008 Iowa State Fair Reserve Champion Steer, as well as the 2008 Indiana State Fair Champion Steer. These clones will extend this champion producing bloodline. They are moderate framed, structurally sound, motherly, and very docile.

Collins grizz clone #3 “lily”
Registration Number: 17494863

“Lily” is one of three clones of one of the most productive donors in the club calf industry. Lily is long bodied, deep ribbed, high volume, and has a well attached udder with well-placed teats. She has a sweet face, and mellow demeanor that makes her an ideal cow for embryo transfer work. She has one of the most proven maternal pedigrees. 950 x Meyers 734 embryos were only available at the Embryos on Snow sale, but are now available. She has also been flushed to Irish Whiskey, OCC Legend, and others. We also have clone #2 “Lucy” and #1 “Lola”.

collins grizz 950 clone

Collins Grizz 950, a registered Angus Cow #15246813, has been cloned. The clones are in production at CVR Cattle Company, in cooperation with C.A. Collins. Collins Grizz 950 Clone has been recently flushed to GF Kadabra, the ½ blood Maine Anjou sired by Habanero. These embryos will be able to be registered as a Maintainer. There are also embryos by Meyers Ranch 734 which are full sibs to the heifers that headlined the Collins/ Griswold Exposure Sale in Oklahoma for years.

R 18-1
½ Simmental, ½ Angus
Sire: Meyer Ranch 734 (SM Registration Number: 1390632)
Dam: Emulous bred Angus

R 18-1 has been a mainstay of SEK’s donor program since before we started flushing.  She is very durable, maternal, large volume cow.  Her body type and docile nature is typical of the Meyer Ranch bloodline.  She is so durable, only Dr. Coover has been at SEK longer than her!

3/8 Simmental, 1/8 Maine-Anjou, 1/2 Angus
Registration Number: 431932
Sire: Limestone Trifecta (SIM Registration Number: 2572356)
Dam: Miss Steel Whiskey – ½ SIM (Registration Number: 267223)

Color, style, thickness, and a wonderful personality is what Perfecta offers. She is the daughter of Miss Steel Whiskey which is our most popular donor. Perfecta is very thick, powerful, and an easy mover with a classy neck and head. Just like her dam, she was halter broke the second time one was on her. We expect great things from this young cow.