Goat/Sheep Services

SEK’s addition of small ruminant reproductive services provides the sheep and goat industry with an efficient and reliable source for advanced reproductive technologies. With two veterinarians on staff along with our animal husbandry practices, your animals care and well-being is of upmost importance to us. We offer offsite and in-house services to best cater to our customer’s needs.

Facts Clients Should Know About Embryo Transfer.

  • Goats/sheep are seasonal breeders and effectiveness varies upon season.
  • Although manageable and rare, there are inherent risks with utilizing anesthetics.
  • SEK is not responsible for insuring customer owned livestock.
  • Proper heat detection and recipient selection is critical to a successful ET program.



Donor Booking Fee (non-refundable)
*Includes: Flushing fluids, and supplies
**Does NOT include: Super ovulation drugs, CIDR, AI or breeding expense

$325 per donor

Transfer Fee

$40 per embryo

Freezing Fee

$40 per embryo

Donor Lap AI Service
*Includes: Two AI’s per donor
**Does NOT include semen

$70 per donor

Donor Boarding Fee

$4 per day

Recipient Boarding Fee

$1.50 per day

Recipient (call for details and availability)


Offsite Flush/Transfer (4 donor minimum)

$1.00/mile round trip



1-9 head

$45 each

10-50 head

$40 each

50+ head

$35 each

Donor Lap AI (will be AI’d two times)

$70 each

Buck/Ram Collection and extension for fresh AI

$40 per buck/ram

**All prices are subject to change without notice.